QTZ40(4708) Tower Crane

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QTZ40(4708)Tower crane

Name:QTZ40(4708)Tower crane

HJ4708 tower crane is the latest domestic hoisting machinery designed by using group technology, combined design technology and finite element analysis technology, using "tower crane microcomputer design platform" as a tool.
The machine is a horizontal boom, trolley luffing, upper swing hydraulic jacking crane. The maximum lifting capacity is 4t; the maximum amplitude is 47 meters.
Features of the machine:
(1) Performance parameters and technical indicators have reached the domestic leading and international advanced level;
(2) The appearance of the whole machine is an international popular form, which is beautiful and generous.
(3) There are many working methods and a wide range of applications. There are two working methods of fixed foundation and external wall attachment, which are suitable for various construction objects; independent lifting height is 30 meters, attachment height is 120 meters double ratio, and quadruple ratio 60 meters.
(4) High working speed, good speed regulation performance, stable work and high efficiency.
(5) The hoisting mechanism adopts a three-speed motor and a single-speed ratio reducer, which can achieve heavy load low speed, light load high speed, and the maximum speed can reach 65.2 m/min.
(6) The trolley luffing mechanism pulls the trolley to luff on the horizontal arm, which has a good installation performance.
(7) The slewing mechanism adopts a planetary gear reducer and is equipped with a hydraulic coupling, which has high carrying capacity, stable start-up, reliable work, and has the function of anti-wind in place.
(8) The boom is suspended by rigid double tie rods, with good rigidity, light weight, small section, low wind resistance, uniform force, and beautiful appearance.
(9) Various safety devices are complete to ensure safe and reliable work.
(10) The driver's cab is independently placed on the side with a good view, creating a good working environment for the operator.
(11) Easy to use and simple to maintain.
The self-weight of the steel structure of the machine (excluding counterweight, foundation, mechanism and attachments) is 19.5t, and the total installed capacity is 25.9kW. It is widely used in high-rise hotels, residential buildings, industrial buildings and other large construction projects. It is ideal for small and medium-sized construction companies. Building construction machinery.

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