QTZ50(5008) Tower Crane

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QTZ50(5008)Tower crane

Name:QTZ50(5008)Tower crane

HJ5008 tower crane is the latest domestic hoisting machinery designed by using group technology, combined design technology and finite element analysis technology, using "tower crane microcomputer design platform" as a tool.
The machine is a horizontal boom, trolley luffing, upper swing hydraulic jacking crane. The maximum lifting capacity is 4t; the maximum range is 50 meters, the maximum range is 0.8t, the independent lifting height is 30 meters, the attachment height is 120 meters, and the four times is 60 meters. The dead weight of the steel structure (excluding counterweight, foundation, mechanism and attachments) is 21.5t, and the total installed capacity is 26.5kW.

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