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What is the relationship between leasing and sales in the field of construction machinery

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In the field of construction machinery, general equipment manufacturers think that leasing and sales are two different businesses. In fact, leasing has a very important impact on their sales. There are many forms of leasing, some of which inhibit sales, and some promote sales.
In the field of construction machinery, general equipment manufacturers think that leasing and sales are two different businesses. In fact, leasing has a very important impact on their sales. There are many forms of leasing, some of which inhibit sales, and some promote sales. Therefore, when studying sales, we have to consider the impact of leasing on sales.

Leasing is a big concept. There are traditional leasing and financial leasing in the industry division. At present, tradition is used most frequently in the field of construction machinery. Financial leasing is a new economic model. Because it combines finance and trade to form a unique transaction method. It is not exclusive to the marginal nature of a particular industry. It can be combined into several flexible structures to reduce excessive dependence on credit, improve the ability to control risks, solve some economic contradictions that are difficult to solve by traditional methods, and create comprehensive and superimposed economic benefits . Due to its relatively high knowledge content, not many companies currently sell their products in this way.

Simply put, no matter who buys the equipment, as long as the manufacturer sells it, it makes a profit, so whoever buys it will sell it. Especially leasing companies engaged in leasing services, their purchase volume and purchase varieties are sometimes larger than that of a single enterprise, and they seem to be larger buyers. But careful analysis of their role in sales, in some respects, is not to promote, but to inhibit sales. The main reason is that some companies that want to purchase equipment have leased channels to meet their short-term needs, so the desire to purchase has disappeared. Coupled with accounting treatment and management cost considerations, most companies are willing to rent but not to buy. This traditional rental service method has increased the social utilization rate of equipment and reduced the desire to purchase more users. The more vigorous the leasing company's activities, the higher the utilization rate of the equipment, and the smaller the total sales volume. The overall view is to suppress purchases.

Financial leasing is developed on the basis of credit sales, so it is born with the essence of combining finance and trade. The concept of leasing is more not about financial or trading operation skills, but using the characteristics of separating ownership and use rights in leasing to achieve the purpose of financing by means of financing, which reduces the cost of purchasers in the credit sales link. High credit requirements, to achieve the promotional purpose of providing financial services during sales. Therefore, financial leasing is a way of selling and financing in the name of leasing, and its significance is far greater than traditional leasing.

With the development of the manufacturing industry, it is becoming more and more obvious that the equipment supply is becoming saturated. The traditional distribution method not only has low profits and difficult sales, but also accounts for a large amount of money, slow payment, and high risks. The promotion of financial leasing companies to help manufacturers is increasingly recognized by enterprises. Financial leasing not only promotes itself, but the additional edge industry effect increases the profit growth point of the enterprise. Creditor's rights and property rights are in hand at the same time, which more firmly controls the risk of credit sales. The development of the construction machinery leasing industry is in the ascendant, and it is also one of the few industries that solve the financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises through financial leasing.

How to change its disadvantaged position in the new economic environment for the traditional leasing that has been saturated and the industry profit is getting lower and lower?

Modern leasing introduces the concept of marginal economy, and the high knowledge content allows traditional leasing methods to still be innovative. Nowadays, most of the lessors of construction machinery leasing work alone and compete with each other irregularly and viciously, which not only causes their own profit margins to become smaller and smaller, but also disrupts the market and raises the industry's rent arrears rate. Competition is getting fiercer and the road is getting narrower and narrower. If these stragglers can be brought together into the manufacturer's sales system, the whole outlook will change.

Because the service standards of traditional leasing and financial leasing are different, the purpose of profit is different, the risk is different, and the tax burden is different. Therefore, the traditional fee is much higher than that of financial leasing. Their lease flexibility is also higher than that of financing leases. They can quickly pull down the value of the equipment in a short period of time, through the original factory refurbishment, and raise the price of the equipment. After several rounds of operations, a piece of equipment is equivalent to being sold several times in its life cycle. Because of the large price difference and repeated operations, its profit is much higher than traditional sales methods, and it also realizes economic savings. If these traditional leasing companies can be combined with manufacturers' renovations, they can share high service revenues and change the current vicious competition situation.

The leased items recovered in the financial lease can be re-leased through traditional leasing. Therefore, traditional leasing is not only a simple rental service, but also an expander of equipment price differences and a pool of credit sales risks. Although the sales of new equipment have been suppressed in some respects, the post-revenue of equipment sold has continued and developed, reflecting the characteristics of service trade in the new economy. Through the integration of the industrial chain, we can find new economic growth points for win-win and sustainable development at the service level, and assume the downstream economic responsibilities of financial leasing.

Combining leasing and sales means emphasizing leasing services and respect for talents and knowledge. This is the characteristic of the new economy. The benefits of leasing and financial leasing must be bundled with sales. The equipment sales market must be combined with the leasing, capital market and capital market. In the next 10 years when the overall demand for construction machinery continues to grow, whoever masters modern leasing technology will win Market opportunities.

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