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Over the years, we have carefully manufactured, installed, repaired, and transformed tower cranes of QTZ63 and the following models.

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Have various models of tower cranes, tower crane accessories
Factory direct sales, directly to customers, are really saving users money.
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We meticulously manufacture each tower crane, enhance product quality assurance capabilities, and escort your safety.
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Timely service and technical support after product sales; timely response to any questions.


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What to pay attention to in the daily operation of tower cranes


Tower crane is a kind of hoisting machinery that can realize the overall transportation of heavy objects. The operating height is generally tens of meters to hundreds of meters, and the operating radius can reach tens of meters.

  • What is the relationship between leasing and sales in the field of construction machinery


    In the field of construction machinery, general equipment manufacturers think that leasing and sales are two different businesses. In fact, leasing has a very important impact on their sales. There are many forms of leasing, some of which inhibit sales, and some promote sales.

  • Analysis of China's tower crane market demand in 2012


    In 2012, with changes in the macroeconomic environment and changes in the relevance of tower crane manufacturing and leasing industries, the tower crane leasing industry has undergone some strategic changes.

  • GB6067-2010 "Safety Regulations for Lifting Machinery"


    Safety protection devices are necessary measures to prevent accidents of lifting machinery. Including devices that limit the movement stroke and working position, devices that prevent cranes from overloading, devices that prevent cranes from tipping and slipping, interlocking protection devices, etc…

  • Precautions for installation and acceptance of tower crane


    Tower crane is one of the most important construction machinery in construction engineering. Due to its towering and upright structure, complex structure, difficult installation, special construction tasks, etc.,

Introduction to tower crane manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance


The ratio D/d of the minimum nominal diameter of pulleys, drums, and balance pulleys to the nominal diameter of the wire rope shall meet the requirements of GB3811-83. The flange on the side of the drum exceeds the height of the outermost wire rope

  • How to choose tower crane?


    Tower crane (hereinafter referred to as tower crane) is one of the indispensable construction machinery in building construction. Due to its own characteristics and special working methods

  • Safe use and maintenance of heightened and sectioned tower cranes


    With the development of social economy, the construction of high-rise and super high-rise buildings is increasing. As a tower crane for vertical transportation of building materials, it has become one of the necessary construction equipment on construction sites.

  • How to check the vulnerable parts of the tower crane


    Check whether the markings and anti-falling devices of the hook meet the requirements, whether the hook has defects such as cracks, peeling, etc.; whether the hook section is worn, the increase in opening degree

  • Tower crane tower crane disassembly method


    With the development of my country's construction industry, tower cranes and tower cranes play a very important role in the construction industry. So how to dismantle the tower crane? The specific method is as follows:

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It is a professional company engaged in tower crane design, production, sales, installation and service.

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Rushan Huajiang Building Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the design, production, sales, installation and service of tower cranes.It has complete processing equipment and advanced complete testing equipment. The company now manufactures, installs, maintains, and transforms tower cranes of QTZ63 and the following models.

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